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How Valid are Your Rules?

How Valid are Your Rules? Check Out my article published by lifecoachspotter.com When one fails to apply “Rule Adherence,” they violate at least one of the six organizing principles. In this case, the violation is Laws. Following laws, or rules, is not new or strange to us. Rules on traffic, voting, legal proceedings, and more, are pretty…
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Effecting Positive Social Change–Walden Alumni Magazine

Walden Alumni Who Have Effected Positive Social Change APPLYING MY RESEARCH: Connecting the Dots “My knowledge from Walden helped me succeed, so now I can help others succeed.” --Dr. Robert Flower For 45 years, Walden has been dedicated to effecting positive social change around the world and inspiring students to do the same. Walden’s doctoral program…
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The 3 Keys To Really Know Yourself

Please check out my article The 3 Keys to Really Know Yourself published by Blogger www.pickthebrain.com One of the critical keys to innovation and development is to understand one’s self, their environment and those who surround them. The greater one’s ability to achieve this, the more successful, efficient and effective they become. One will never be led…
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Development as a Workplace Objective

Development as a Workplace Objective. By focusing on development, entire environments come together. This is because development is such an inspiring, satisfying, growth oriented, and positive directional principle. One of the greatest assets is how it brings people together. This common goal, especially when applied in the workplace, enables us to work without fear, and…
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